{ Proudly not serving “premium domestics” }

Draught Beer

Guinness {ABV: 4.2% Dublin, Ireland}
Amstel Light {ABV: 3.5% Amsterdam, Holland}
Anchor Steam {ABV: 4.9% San Fransisco, California}                        Belhaven {ABV: 7.0% Scotland, United Kingdom}
Boddington’s {ABV: 4.7 % Manchester, England}
Cigar City Jai Alai IPA {ABV: 7.5% Tampa, Florida}
Fullers ESB {ABV: 5.5% Chiswick, London}
Harp {ABV: 5.0% Dundalk, Ireland}
Heineken {ABV: 5.0% Amsterdam, Holland}
Hoegaarden {ABV: 4.90% Hoegaarden, Belgium}
Killkenny {ABV: 4.3% Killkenny, Ireland}
Magner’s Pear {ABV: 4.5% Clonmel, Ireland}               Newcastle {ABV: 4.7% Newcastle, England}                     Purple Haze {ABV: 4.2% Covington, Louisiana}                Smithwick’s {ABV: 4.5% Killkenny, Ireland}                         Stella Artois {ABV: 5.0% Leuven, Belgium}                            Stella Artois Cidre {ABV: 4.5% Leuven, Belgium}
                    Strongbow {ABV: 5.0% Hereford, England}                                          Tennent’s {ABV: 5.0% Glasgow, Scotland}                        1554 Black Lager {ABV: 5.6% Fort Collins, Colorado}

{6 guest draft beers that change every few weeks! Be sure to ask your bartender what we have in this week.}

Bottled Beer

Abita Purple Haze {ABV: 4.75% Abita Springs, Louisiana}
Beck’s Light {ABV: 2.3% Bremen, Germany}
                   Chimay Blue {ABV: 9.0% Hainaut, Belgium}                        Coney Island Hard Root Beer {ABV: 5.8% Brooklyn, NY}       Crabbie’s Ginger Beer {ABV: 4.8% Edinburgh, Scotland}
Delirium Tremens {ABV: 8.50% Brouwerji Huyghe, Belgium}
Erdinger {ABV: 5.6% Erding, Germany}
Lambic Framboise {ABV: 2.5% Vlezenbeek, Belgium}
Grolsch {ABV: 5.0% Enschede, Netherlands}
Hobgoblin {ABV: 4.5% Witney, England}
Kaliber N/A {ABV: 0.50% Dublin, Ireland}
La Fin Du Monde {ABV: 9.0% Chambly, Quebec}
Old Speckled Hen (can) {ABV: Abingdon, Oxfordshire}
Sessions Lager {ABV 5.1% Hood River, Oregon}        Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Beer {ABV: 2.5% Frankfurt, Germany}
St. Bernardus Abt 12 {ABV: 10.0% Watou, Belgium}
Well’s Banana Bread Beer {ABV: 5.2% Bedford, England}
Wittekerke (can) {ABV: 5.0% Harelbeke, Belgium}
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout {ABV: 5.20% Bedford, England}


                                                          Cabernet                                                                                                               Chardonnay                                                                                                                   Malbec                                                                                                                       Merlot                                                            Pinot Grigio
                                                         Pinot Noir                                                                                                                    Riesling                                                         Sauvignon Blanc
White Zinfandel